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Seas of Change

Do you find that the seas of change seem to rush by? Do you feel there needs to be an anchor of calm to settle for reflection and inspiration? Larry found this anchor of calm through watercolor and wants to share his journey with you. 


Find your creative bond with Larry Bond Watercolor.

Your Watercolor Guide

Let me be your watercolor guide and make you a lover of art to inspire creative calm. There is artwork to put on your walls for daily inspiration, commissions to be gifted, and classes to be taught.

Throughout my creative life I’ve created with many artistic mediums and found watercolor sparked the most joy.

Being a part of workshops, learning from other watercolorists, helping with artist meetings, and showing at galleries, has helped guide creativity through watercolor.

Artistic Involvement

KVAL Kishwaukee Valley Art League
Norris Center
The Next Picture Show
Illinois Watercolor Society
San Diego Watercolor Society